Tuesday, May 31, 2011



         Its matt and i'm back again after popular demand about my other blog BEING A STARBUCKS JUNKIE. Within the past few months while i was hanging out in my place of choice the weather got a little warmer and the kids wanted to start going out for a snack instead of the normal potato chip or scoop of ice cream at home. A new colorful place opened up by my house in long island NY its called RED MANGO and OMG it is addicting and wow pretty good for you and very good for you if it is dessert or snack time. So we walk in and look at the menu there were people all over the store looking at these colorful walls and all these pretty looking flavors to add to your treat. Well i ordered first, sorry i wasnt a gentleman i was hungry and to be honest not very happy because i'm not a big yogurt fan, see when tcby opened on long island many years ago it was supposed to out smart and out taste carvel it might have happened for a little while but it didnt taste that great and really had that frozen feeling to it so i stuck with the ice cream. FOLKS listen to a guy that 5'11 235lbs i like to eat and not just anything i like CALORIES   lol they fill me up and make me keep going. So anyway i order a large frozen yogurt with a pineapple topping and cocoa pebble topping<  OMG it was freaking amazing i didnt get that frozen taste and the mix with the toppings was OUT OF THIS WORLD, my big one (10) got a regular tropical mango SMOOTHIE , my little one (7) got a PARFAIT with mangos ,pineapples and bananas and let me tell you they were all amazing i couldnt stop eating bits and pieces of all of them THASTS IT AGAIN i need help folks send me to rehab just like last time with starbucks i'm a JUNKIE  yep thats right now a REDMANGO JUNKIE  cant stop i'm hooked and so are the kids. WAIT what was that? this stuff is good for me??? its all NATURAL   get LOST no WAY!!!!!!  i'm wrong it is hey listen i was looking more for that marshmellow topping and hot fudge but went with these fruits and they were just delightful to eat. So now we are hooked like JUNKIES the store is packed all the time and when its time for dessert my kids dont say lets wait for the ice cream man any more they want to go to the REDMANGO and to be honest folks its pretty affordable people are friendly and place is spotless. But we dont end here i go home on my computer and look into this new store that opened by my house and find out there are 1000's of them OMG what the FFFFIN took you so long to get here???? bums LOL..I didnt stop there i went onto my twitter account mattty262 and searched for this REDMANGO i come up to its founder DAN KIM i gave him a tweet and he responded in 3 mins ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Where can you go and talk or chat with a CEO of a major buisness in 3 mins???? WOW now i'm impressed again he said that he would be happy to tweet my kids and they are stunned after explaining who MR KIM is. So the shoe fits folks all is working well i have many new addictions in my life BUT    one for dessert????? AND its GOOD for me i'm eating ffffin FRUIT   gees what is this world coming to HEY MR KIM if i get small and lose a lot of weight and look wimpy i WONT be happy LOLOL   but then again if my snack has changed maybee i will live longer hahah There it is another JUNKIE story sorry for the spelling i'm not much of a computer guy or anything else just a dad who has a great bfamily and wants to see them happy,Take care all ohhhhhhhh i forgot one thing OMG if you get the tropical mango smoothie when ya get home add a touch of rummm... OHHHHH boy now we are talking MR KIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM get your liquor license geessss can you imagine??? LOL  good day all and happy eating!!!!      MATTTY